Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Big purple challenge, Part I

I bought this dress in March, but I couldn't post any photos since the best photographer in the city was busy working on his doctoral dissertation and we didn't really have time for any photo sessions.
That's why today, I will show you just a part of my project. The second part will come when my husband comes back from Poland.

This photo was taken just to show you the dress before I started working on it. It was big, ugly and dirty:

It was hanging in Cow for about a month or maybe even longer. I remember seeing it for a couple of times before I actually touched it. But it was enough for me to touch the fabric and, suddenly, I had the whole project in my head.

This is the effect, or rather the first half of it:

I don't particularly like it with these boots, but it was really cold that day and I couldn't push myself to wear anything else. I certainly like the eighties' flavour of the whole outfit, though. And I absolutely love the way the sleeves are draped.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

A grey day set

This mustard skirt is my new project that came into life two weeks ago. It works very well with various colours but I like it very much with this grey set.

Matching spot:

jacket (SuperDry), grey long sweater (Hennes - gift from my husband, now shortened and worn inside out), striped grey sweater (
Urban Outfitters), black top (Sisley), mustard skirt (Fabrykat) and vintage shoes from Cow.