Monday, 3 May 2010

Pink dress

It took me almost a year to decide what I wanted to make out of the pink fabric I bought in Paris last May. I loved the colour and its rich texture - it's wool. My problem was I only purchased 1,5m of this fabric, so I knew I couldn't go for anything more ambitious than a simple 60s dress. I didn't have any particular looks in mind when I started making my dress but I somehow arrived at the exact same colour scheme as Marc Jacobs f/w 2009. Isn't it fascinating how human brains work?

I used the V1150 pattern for this dress, although I prefer to work without patterns. It somehow works for me better; patterns limit my imagination and make me follow instructions blindly. If I work with my imagination only, I feel like I can do anything I want. Still, when working with a unique fabric from Montmartre, I didn't want to risk any mistakes, so I went for a simple shape and a simple pattern.

The last picture is a bit distorted but it shows the colour better. We took the pictures on a typical English day - gray and damp, but I somehow liked the contrast between the gray background and the bright colours of the dress, scarf and the bag.
Yes, the bag! I got the bag at the Custard Factory Vintage Fair a couple of weeks ago. It was love at first sight and since then, I haven't left house without it.