Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Trying on mum's heels

Last month, I had the opportunity to attend a couple of fashion shows, and did so with great pleasure. Watching designers at work is a bit like trying on mum's high heels.

It was an interesting experience from various perspectives.

Firstly, it's a hell of a job to take a good picture at a fashion show. If you think about it, an average fashion show's setting would be like this: a dark room with spotlights (very often frequently changing along with the music) and models walking very fast. If you add to that inexperienced young models, who are usually too shy to pose for the cameras, you end up with quite a challenge for a photographer.

I must admit, the longer I play with our camera, the more I admire photographers like Scott Schuman, Garance Dore or Nast.

Secondly, I managed to meet some of the young aspiring designers from Birmingham and contrast their point of view with my in many ways naive understanding of the fashion world. I had never thought how difficult it is to find a job in industry, not to mention the difficulty of promoting your own name/brand as s designer. Even after watching all possible episodes, all possible seasons, all possible editions of Project Runway (Project Catwalk included) I wouldn't necessarily think that a very talented designer may end-up sorting clothes at H&M.

And finally, seeing all the amazing clothes on the runway was really inspiring, but also taught me a lesson - I should keep sewing more and more, even random stuff (like pajamas*) otherwise I will never progress.


* Actually, I made some and I think it's a perfect niche. It is so difficult to buy comfy sleepwear that would not just look tacky - or like your boyfriend's old tee and old gym trousers.

Anyway. Enough for today. Enjoy the photos I took at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design's Fashion Show 09, on 17th June 2009:

Minka Halstead's collection

Danielle Shipley's collection

Sarah Warner's winter collection

For more photos follow this link: