Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Breathtaking Birthday Bash

It's been only a couple of posts ago, so it seems like yesterday, but it actually was a year ago - the very successful Noir Party. This year it was my husband's turn to turn 30 and to celebrate this important occasion we decided to throw a party... in Poland! And that was the beginning of the Breathtaking Birthday Bash!

Superheros and heroines, spies, Bob the Builder, Tin Tin, Death, Delirium, Desire, V, Poison Ivy and many more along with us: Alma Mayer and Corto Maltese - all gathered together to have fun, dance and drink till the very morning. At 4am, the urge for a grand finale pushed us to play a spectacular frisbee game in front of the Presidential Palace finished relentlessly by a police officer.
I love you Warsaw.

This was in May. Since then we've managed to return home and lose ourselves in our daily routines. The only thing I didn't forget, was that I really wanted to take better pictures of my yellow dress. Instead, the usual has happened - we never got around to do this. Hence, I'm posting some pictures from the party with the main intention being the yellow dress show off:

Photos by Ana

Wearing: mustard dress and ears (Fabrykat), shoes (All Saints), glasses (Sisley), jewellery (gift from a friend).
My fellow model, Desire, sporting his new suite by Versace. SO classy!

More pictures from the party here.

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