Sunday, 9 August 2009

Busy weekend

I am not a competitive person. I hate losing, and what's more, I hate winning - I always feel pity for the person who loses. And I don't like that feeling. I know, it's peculiar, but it's been like that for as long as I can remember. I hated competition at school and during my studies, I hated competitive sports (I mean, I can watch tennis on tv, but I wouldn't be able to play it) and I hate competition at work.
But there is one thing I AM for sure - I am an ambitious animal. I can compete with myself till death. I would push myself to the limits just to achieve the goal I've set for myself.

Does that explain why I came up with this brilliant idea of making a jacket?
Maybe not, but anyway, here it is, the yet-unfinished jacket and the best model in the world - Euphoria, a birthday present from my beloved husband.

I think she looks damn cool in this jacket. I would leave the jacket as it is now if I were not dying of curiosity to see how it looks finished.

The headphones belong to my husband, but apparently, these days, only Euphoria knows how to make them work.


  1. so did you ever finish that jacket?

  2. Hey, what a nice surprise. I thought no one read this blog anymore. Yes, I have finished the jacket and I wear it a lot, especially now, when it's so cold - it's made of quality Scottish wool.

    I stopped posting because I wanted to chage the format of this blog. And then my life got very busy with work-related travels and I never managed to do this.
    Do you want me to post a picture of the finished jacket?