Saturday, 13 February 2010

Jacket in action

The inspiration for the jacket came from Moschino Cheap&Chic 2010RST collection:

I am a great fan of Moschino Cheap&Chic. I like watching their shows because they are always incredibly entertaining. I like how they play with their inspirations and themes and how they finish their looks using bold, sometimes even childish accessories. This picture was particularly appealing to me. Ernesta Petkeviciute did a great job posing and made me see a newspaper boy, a small time crook, a vagabond. I fell in love with this look because I have always been such a mixture of a tomboy and a business woman. And I can totally see myself rollerblading to work wearing this and coming straight to a meeting :) Altogether, it's a great effortless look.

This was my starting point last August. However, right after I finished sewing my jacket, the business-half of my life took over the vagabond-half and I had to tone down all my looks and focus more on making myself look smart than making new playful clothes. Hence, the only pictures of my jacket I have are the ones we took during our insane and full of adventures trip to Poland on a 30-year old Triumph Spitfire.

This little beauty was a wedding gift for our best friends and, despite the innocent look on its face (yes, I still think that car has a very innocent face), it broke down about 8 times on our way there. So please, forgive my tired look and not always perfect clothes.

On the ferry to the Netherlands.
I am wearing: hat (All Saints), jacket (Fabrykat), glasses (Marc by Marc Jacobs), tee (Junior Gaultier), trousers (Nike Woman), shoes (All Saints).


  1. Dziekuje za mily komentarz! Szczegolnie milo zaczac poniedzialek bedac przekonana o swojej boskosci ;) I bet I will have a blast at work today :)